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A family-designed house in Aceh

The mixing site for mud and aggregate on the construction site

Post-Tsunami Community-Led Reconstruction in Banda Aceh

Baharuddin, survivor of 2004 tsunami in Banda Aceh, was busy gathering whatever was left over after the devastation and making a pile of wooden planks or any other sundry items that could still be retrieved.

Without saying much, we joined him in doing the same. His idea was to make a interim shelter with these planks. Next day we returned with some tools and nails. He continued to work quietly the whole day.

In the evening he prepared coffee for every one and started humming a well known ‘bollywood song’ – Mera Tujh Se Hai Naata Koi (There seems to be some relationship between us) and cried telling the story of how he had lost his family.

Determined that he would not leave this piece of land even though government had asked every one to relocate inland, he requested some CGI sheets and nails. With such a support, his village could manage interim shelters.

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