Hunnar Shaala Foundation for Building Technology and Innovations, Bhuj, India
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A family-designed house in Aceh

Interior of tent accommodation at the Shaam-e-Sarhad community-run resort in Banni

Sewage Treatment Plant that is the heart of Bhuj City's new green belt


Hunnarshala Projects

Socio-Technical Assessment of Post Tsunami Reconstruction in Tamilnadu

Post-tsunami reconstruction in Tamilnadu was marked by large scale NGO involvement within the framework established by the Government of Tamilnadu through various Government Orders and Technical Guidelines. This framework was based on NGO taking up different villages of reconstruction under coordination of the District Collector and building as per the plans and design as per the technical guidelines and CRZ regulations. Local Panchayats and coastal communities in general did not have a defined systemic role in reconstruction process. (more>)

Community-Run Tourist Eco-Resoirt by Pastoralists of Hodka, Banni

Vaghabhai, a local artisan specialising in the skill of thatch work, was assessing how much money he could get for different qualities of work that he could offer for the project. But when challenged to work as a true artisan and deliver the quality that was epitome of his knowledge, wisdom and skill, he took up the work setting uncompromising standards and considering the costs responsibly. (more>)

Recycling Sewage of a Rivulet to create a Green Belt for Bhuj City

The city was devastated after the earthquake in 2001, destroying buildings and killing more than 7000 people in the city. Few could have imagined that the city would bounce back, and be recognized as one of the fastest and finest examples of rehabilitation in the world. The city has gone beyond providing basic services and infrastructure and the green belt project epitomizes such an approach of placing bold new tools of planning and technologies, that respond to the problems our cities of tomorrow will face. (more>)

Post-Tsunami Community-Led Housing Design and Construction in Banda Aceh, Indonesia

Baharuddin, survivor of 2004 tsunami in Banda Aceh, was busy gathering whatever was left over after the devastation and making a pile of wooden planks or any other sundry items that could still be retrieved. (more>)

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